Plan for Go-Betweens tribute in Brisbane

Locals want to name bridge after indie band

A group of Australian rockers have joined a campaign to name a proposed new Brisbane river crossing after local indie band The Go-Betweens.

All five members of Brisbane-based Powderfinger, author Nick Earls, songwriter Paul Kelly and former Midnight Oil singer turned federal Labor MP Peter Garrett have backed the proposal to name the crossing The Go-Betweens Bridge.

The Courier Mail newspaper reports that the campaigners have submitted their proposal to a competition organised by the Brisbane City Council to find a suitable name for a $55.5-million bridge, which is currently under construction.

The campaign has been given added impetus after Go-Betweens co-founder Grant McLennan died suddenly of a heart attack earlier this year (May 6), aged 48. He passed away in his sleep in his Highgate Hill home in the city.

The crossing will link the University of Queensland campus at St Lucia with Dutton Park on the river’s south side.

The university campus was where McLennan first met his Go-Betweens bandmate Robert Forster in the Seventies.

A final decision will be made before the bridge is scheduled to open in February next year.