Going once! Watch Blue Ivy Carter bid $19,000 at art auction


Blue Ivy Carter has become the toast of the internet once more, after she logged a $19,000 bid for a painting at an art auction.

The six-year-old tabled the huge bid at the second annual Wearable Art Gala, where Beyoncé was being honored at the function for her humanitarian work, along with Jay-Z‘s mother Gloria Carter.

Footage of the brilliant moment shows the youngster confidently raising her hand to confirm the bid for the painting of actor Sidney Poitier, before Jay-Z is seen making a desperate attempt at stopping his daughter from raising the financial stakes even higher.

But despite her best efforts, Blue Ivy was narrowly pipped by comedy star Tyler Perry, who bagged the painting with a bid of $20,000.

Her efforts weren’t in vain though, as she eventually triumphed with a winning bid of $10,000 on a painting by artist Samuel Levi Jones.

Responding on Twitter, one user wrote: “One day, I hope to be able to sit back and allow my 5 year to bid without a care in the world the way Beyoncé and Beyoncé s husband allow Blue ivy to bid.”

The latest animated appearance from Blue Ivy comes after her standout attendance at the Grammys last month, where she angrily protested against her parents clapping.

The six-year-old was in attendance with her mother and father, when the camera cut to the family sat together during Camila Cabello‘s acceptance speech.

The moment was then captured and televised when Blue Ivy appeared to be signalling to Beyonce and Jay to stop clapping so she could listen.