Punk concert ends in violence

Several people are left injured

A British punk band concert ended in rioting on Saturday night, leaving several people injured and two police cars destroyed (March 4).

Around 1,500 people were attending the British Invasion 2K6 event in San Bernardino, Los Angeles when members of the crowd began to pelt police with rocks and bottles, forcing officers to withdraw, police spokesperson Sgt Rick Lindsey has said.

According to Lindsey, two gig-goers were hospitalised with serious injuries and two officers were left with minor injuries.

The rioting began when police responded to a report of a stabbing at the event, taking place at the National Orange Show Events Center. The crowd became agitated when officers arrived and several fights broke out, forcing the police to back off, the spokesperson said.

As reported by Associated Press, back up arrived and the officers went in again and picked up the stabbing victim and another person who had been beaten. The officers were forced to withdraw once more when the crowd became violent again.

Lindsey then said that additional backup – in the form of Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies and Fontana police – then proceeded to line-up in phalanx formation to clear the streets and fired pepper balls and tear gas to move the crowd.

Two police cars were destroyed as the concert-goers dispersed and businesses were vandalised, the spokesperson continued. Shop windows were smashed and a rubbish bin was set on fire.

The British Invasion 2K6 concert was scheduled to feature 22 bands including The Adicts, GBH, Vice Squad and Gold Blade.