Golden Silvers, Marina, Local Natives and Yes Giantess bring Fly53 NME Radar Tour to London

Stage invasions galore as bands play celebratory KOKO show

Golden Silvers, Marina And The Diamonds, Local Natives and Yes, Giantess brought the Fly53 NME Radar Tour 2009 to London yesterday evening (October 13) in a celebratory night that saw numerous stage invasions and guest appearances.

Playing to a KOKO crowd that included Kaiser ChiefsNick Hodgson, comic Matt Horne and Little Boots, all four bands were in triumphant mood as the tour called at its penultimate venue (the final date takes place tonight at Brighton Concorde 2).

Yes, Giantess kicked off proceedings, playing an energetic seven-song set that got the crowd on their feet.

The US four-piece were clearly enjoying themselves onstage, with frontman Jan Rosenfeld flinging himself around while playing a cowbell during ‘Sparks’.

Meanwhile, ‘You Were Young’ saw the band’s trio of keyboard players entice the audience to clap in unison before the singer jumped offstage and onto the crowd barrier during the final song, getting the first few rows to dance along with him.

Yes, Giantess played:

‘The Word’
‘Can’t Help It’
‘You Were Young’
‘Dun Gets Low’
‘Tuff N Stuff’

Next up were fellow Americans Local Natives. The Los Angeles five-piece’s set saw them showcase debut album ‘Gorilla Manor’, which is released on November 2.

“We wanna say thank you to you guys,” frontman Taylor Rice said before playing a version of Talking Heads classic ‘Warning Sign’.

Local Natives‘ own songs – including ‘Camera Talk’ and ‘Wide Eyes’ – also proved popular with the audience, while final track ‘Sun Hands’ saw the band swap instruments before being joined halfway through by members of Yes, Giantess, Marina And The Diamonds and Golden Silvers, all of whom played percussion and sang backing vocals.

Local Natives played:

‘World News’
‘Camera Talk’
‘Warning Sign’
‘Wide Eyes’
‘Sun Hands’

Up next were Marina And The Diamonds, whose frontwoman Marina Diamandis was playing her first gig since being struck down with flu on October 8.

Diamandis took to the stage shortly after her bandmates had started playing first song ‘Girls’, and she was initially dressed in a full-length fluffy cape featuring cat ears on the hood – which she pulled over her head for the opening track.

“Hello London!” she shouted before playing ‘I’m Not A Robot’. “It’s good to be back. Are you having a good time?” A cover of Late Of The Pier‘s ‘Space And The Woods’ drew an impassioned response from the audience, many of whom sang along with Diamandis‘ version of the 2007 song.

“If you’ve got a drink you can raise it,” she then instructed crowd members during ‘Shampian’, causing several beverages to be launched skywards. Before playing set closer ‘Mowgli’s Road’, Diamandis apologised for missing the four previous dates of the Fly53 NME Radar Tour 2009.

Marina And The Diamonds played:

‘I Am Not A Robot’
‘Space And The Woods’
‘Mowgli’s Road’

Finally, headliners Golden Silvers kept the night’s celebratory atmosphere going by playing a nine-song set to conclude proceedings.

Frontman Gwilym Gold initially drew laughter from the crowd when he spoke to them after ‘Another Universe’, having left his microphone’s echo effect switched on. “I dunno what to say, we’re a London band so it’s nice to be back here,” he said into the FX-laden mic, with the phrase reverberating around the hall.

Recent single ‘True Romance’ earned one of the most positive responses of the night, which the band followed with newie ‘Bone Breaker’, a song with a pulsating, groove-driven chorus.

Gold paid tribute to the other bands on the tour ahead of ‘Please Venus’, telling the crowd: “It’s been a real pleasure to be a part of this tour. There’s three other brilliant bands before us, and it’s been a real pleasure to have been part of it.”

During ‘Arrows Of Eros’, the band were joined by three saxophonists, and towards the end of the song, around 20 of their entourage invaded the stage unannounced, frantically dancing along to the track until its finish.

After going offstage for a short while the band returned for an encore, ending their set – and the evening – with ‘Fade To Black’, which saw Gold play and sing solo while his bandmates provided barbershop-style backing vocals. The song’s finish saw the visibly overwhelmed band bowing in unison in front of the audience.

Golden Silvers played:

‘Magic Touch’
‘The Shakes’
‘Another Universe’
‘True Romance’
‘Bone Breaker’
‘Queen Of The 21st Century’
‘Please Venus’
‘Arrows Of Eros’
‘Fade To Black’

The Fly53 NME Radar Tour 2009 now calls at its final destination, Brighton Concorde 2, tonight.

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