Alison Goldfrapp thinks Duffy is an Amy Winehouse clone

Singer lays into Pete Doherty too

Alison Goldfrapp has spoken out about her dislike for the never-ending conveyor belt of cloned female singers nowadays -reserving special scorn for Duffy.

Speaking to, the star also said she did not understand why Pete Doherty is called as a genius.

Speaking about female singer/songwriters, Goldfrapp declared that Duffy is merely an Amy Winehouse clone – even though she’s got a great voice.


She said: “Great, we’ve had Amy Winehouse, so now let’s have 10 of them, and we’ll train them up. That’s essentially what Duffy is. I think she’s got an amazing voice but essentially she’s been trained to sound and be like that.

“It wasn’t some crazy idea she had. It was a business plan. Ultimately, if you’re talented then it doesn’t really matter, but I suppose what it does is breed, whereas it would be nice to have a few runts around.”

Goldfrapp also had something to say about Babyshambles frontman Doherty.

“Like the tradition of ‘rock star’ – what’s his face, Babyshambles? – classic, fucked up, takes drugs, he must be a genius,” she mused. “That really winds me up because he’s read some books on poetry, so therefore he must be a fucking genius?”


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