New Goldfrapp album inspired by ‘surreal English children’s books’

Alison Goldfrapp says she's ditched glam rock for 'weird' folk music

Goldfrapp’s new album will abandon the electro glam-rock of the band’s last album ‘Supernature’, in favour of folk.

The band’s frontwoman and namesake Alison Goldfrapp explained that she had decided to ditch the sound for new record ‘Seventh Tree’ and was not particularly bothered by any fallout her move might generate.

“I felt I’d invented this image for myself which I didn’t always feel comfortable with,” she told The Sun‘s Something For The Weekend.


The singer explained that she was now taking the band in a more folk-led direction.

Describing the material as psychedelic, she explained: “We’ve been inspired by this idea of paganism and the surreal themes in traditional English children’s books.”

Goldfrapp added that she was not concerned if there was a blacklash to the move.

“Honestly, I really didn’t bloody care,” she said of the change. “I just thought, ‘Fuck it’. I just want to do something that I feel good about ‘cos I genuinely thought no-one’s going to be fucking interesting in us.”

The band’s fourth album, ‘Seventh Tree’ is released on February 25.

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