The drum'n'bass star is leaving London Records...

GOLDIE has been dropped from his record company, LONDON RECORDS, despite the announcement only last week that he is getting ready to re-start his legendary METALHEADZ label.

A spokesperson for the drum’n’bass star could only confirm that the artist had indeed been dropped as an artist in his own right, but that the separate deal to release the forthcoming Metalheadz material would remain unaffected.

However, a source allegedly from within the label told The Sun newspaper today that: “Goldie is one of the biggest names to be told his services are no longer required. It’s incredible. Senior management think there is nothing more they can do for Goldie and nothing more he can do for them.”


The ‘Platinum Breakz Volume 3’ compilation, featuring ‘Beachdrifta’ by Rufige Kru, aka Goldie, is released through Metalheadz/London on April 9. A series of five 12-inch singles is set to follow.

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