The drum'n'bass star releases 'Stormtroopa VIP' under the name Rufige Cru...

GOLDIE is re-launching his drum’n’bass label METALHEADZ with a new single, ‘STORMTROOPA VIP’, that he’s written under the name RUFIGE CRU, NME.COM can reveal.

The hard dancefloor track is backed up with the more melodic ‘The Beach’, and is Goldie’s first new material since the ‘Rings Of Saturn’ mini-album at the end of 1998.

The release is the first of an initial series of five that will be released, one every three weeks, from April 2. The second release will be ‘Universe’ by Marcus Intallex and ST Files.

A source close to Goldie revealed that the label intends to resurrect the legendary Metalheadz club nights, though NME.COM understands that this is still in the early planning stages.