The comeback star is described as a "complete prick" and "an embarrassment to music"...

GOLDIE has called Finley Quaye “an embarrassment to music” and dismissed him as “a complete prick” in a UK tabloid this morning (August 17).

The drum ‘n’ bass star, who headlines his own Metalheadz arena at Creamfields in Liverpool on August 26, was speaking to The Sun after a bust-up between his cousin Tyrone Lewis and Finley after the premiere of sci-fi blockbuster ‘The X-Men’ on Tuesday night (August 15).

He said: “Finley is an embarrassment to music. He looked like he hadn’t taken a bath for weeks and smelled… he’s lost it… I’ve never had much time for Finley and if I see him again I’ll hit him myself.”


Finley – who releases a single ‘Spiritualized’ through Epic on September 11, his first record for three years, which will be followed by an album ‘Vanguard’ on October 2, claimed that he was sitting talking to TV presenter Gail Porter when Lewis approached them and launched himself at him, punching him in the eye.

Goldie, meanwhile, claims that Finley approached Lewis and tried to headbutt him.

Finley has been at loggerheads with other musicians in the past. Previously, Tricky took exception to Finley’s claims that he was his cousin.