The drum 'n' bass star is pinned to the ground by armed policemen in London...

Drum ‘n’ Bass star GOLDIE has claimed he was injured after armed police, who thought he was carrying a gun, pinned him to the ground and handcuffed him following a night out in LONDON.

Speaking in today’s Sun newspaper (November 14), Goldie claimed the incident happened while he was travelling through London with fiancee Sonjia Ashbury following a night clubbing. He said: “It was outrageous. I had seven rifles pointing at me and I was pulled out and pinned down on the road. There were about 100 people watching. I was cuffed, which hurt my wrists, and one of the policemen put his knee in my back, which I am still having problems with.

“We thought we were going to get shot. The officers kept screaming ‘Where’s the gun? Where’s the gun?’ I told them I didn’t know what they were talking about?


“I’d had a row with another driver earlier and I think he must have called the police. All I can imagine is that he thought the mobile phone I had in my hand was a gun. One of the police even recognised me and said ‘Aren’t you that bloke from the James Bond film?’ But nobody even said sorry.”

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard told the paper that police received a call relating to the incident alleging “the other party was carrying an object that may have been a gun”. He continued “Police stopped a vehicle and searched it together with he driver and female passenger. No gun was found and both were released.”

Goldie is reported to be seeking legal advice on the incident.