New Goldie Lookin Chain album out next year

Plus the rap troupe will release a single before Christmas

Newport rap collective Goldie Lookin Chain will release a new album early in 2008, plus a new single before the end of this year.

The band are currently without a record deal, and so are considering releasing the album themselves, possibly through their website.

Band member Adam Hussain explained to NME.COM that the new album, unlike their previous two, contained only one sample, with more of a “live band” feel.

He added that the group hadn’t decided which single to release from the album first, but that it would be out before the end of the year.

Hussain also spoke about the record industry in relation to how his band might release music in the future.

“Record companies don’t know if they want a shit or a haircut at the moment,” he said. “You’ve got to ride the wave. Prince gave away his new album in The Independent or something [it was actually The Mail On Sunday]. We could give ours away in The South Wales Echo.”

Hussain went on to explain that the band are also working on a mixtape of their previous work, which they plan to release as a free download from their website.