NME.COM is there to help the collective celebrate with sausage rolls and pineapple chunks...

GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAIN signed their record deal this afternoon (March 17) – and marked the occasion with a party outside the HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT.

The nine-strong Welsh hip-hop collective chose budget day to ink their big-money deal with EastWest/Must Destroy – the same joint venture that propelled buddies The Darkness to success.

GLC leader Dwain Xain told NME.COM about the thinking behind the stunt: “What it was, we had to come down to London and hang out with these record types and lawyer types, so we thought we’d better kill both stones at the same time, so here we are.”

They also got into the spirit of protest with placards stating ‘FREE TERRY WAITE’ and ‘WEED HAS RIGHTS TOO’, ‘GOLF SALE’, they were joined by Labour MP for Newport, Paul Flynn, whose own placard read ‘I’M PAUL FLYNN MP – YOU KNOWS IT’.

Said Xain: “There’s a budget, people are getting ripped off for cigarettes, and we saw someone on Oxford Street starting a religious cult called Golf Sale, and I just want Terry Waite to be freed. We don’t wanna get too political, not in the current economic climate.”

They celebrated with a feast of sausage rolls and pineapple chunks washed down with cherryade and fizzy wine.

“It feels like electricity floating through my veins, running through my body, making me feel alive sexually for the first time!” said Xain. “We’re probably gonna get really high now.”