Hundreds of Burberry-clad 'Chavs’ march around the UK capital to celebrate the release of the band's new single...

Goldie Lookin Chain fever brought LONDON to a standstill today (October 25) as police closed in on the GLC RALLY.

Held to mark the release of new single ‘Your Mother’s Got A Penis’, the parade saw hundreds of Burberry-clad ‘Chavs’ marching around London carrying placards with Goldie Lookin Chain slogans like ‘GOLF SALE’ and ‘WILL BREAKDANCE FOR MONEY’.

Led by a troop of Burberry-dressed rollergirls, the march flanked a fleet of ‘Chavaliers’ – including a customised Burberry car with the single blaring out.

While the stunt remained peaceful, repeated chants of ‘Safe as fuck’ and ‘Your mother’s got a penis’ caught the attention of police, who were close to breaking up the march as it approached its final destination – the Burberry store on Regent Street.

The Goldie Lookin Chain themselves could not make the parade held in their honour since they are on their way home to Newport following the end of their tour.