The rappers say Wales will conquer this weekend…

GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAIN are backing WALES to thrash ENGLAND 3-0 in their forthcoming WORLD CUP qualifier this weekend.

The Welsh hip-hop crew will be up in Glasgow performing for their UK tour after the match at Old Trafford on Saturday (October 9).

But GLC insist they will be hunting down the nearest pub to watch the qualifier before they go on stage to see the two teams play each other for the first time in 20 years.

Mike Balls told BBC Five Live: “It’s gonna be wicked man, we’re all excited. We’ve got to find somewhere to watch the game in Glasgow because we’re playing up there on the day.

“Trouble is, the Scotland game’s on at the same time so we’ve got to find a pub with a little telly.”

Adam Hussain believes that Cardiff striker Robbie Earnshaw will be the key to Wales’ victory.

“Robbie Earnshaw’s gonna come on and England aren’t going to know what’s hit them,” he said.

“It’s gonna be 3-0 to Wales, no messin’. I’m telling you. Wicked man, come on Wales, you knows it.”

The GLC also said they would consider writing a World Cup song for Wales if they make it to the World Cup finals, in return for tickets to a couple of the clashes.

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