Goldie Lookin Chain stage sit-in demonstration

The Welsh rappers protest about homelessness and bad housing

Goldie Lookin Chain showed their support for housing charities Shelter Cymru and Shelter yesterday (October 25) with a sit-in protest in Cardiff.

The band, from Newport, crammed into a Mini Cooper and took part in the protest against bad housing and homelessness to illustrate Shelter’s new report and the housing crisis in Wales.

John Puzey, Shelter Cymru’s director, was delighted with the support from the rap outfit. He said: “There is a housing crisis in Wales with over 53,000 people seeking help from their local authority in 2004. Overcrowding is just one of the problems children and families face.”

He added: “Goldie Lookin Chain have shown real support by cramming into a Mini and being temporarily uncomfortable. While this is in good fun, it brings home the reality faced by many people in poor housing. We are thrilled that they have signed up to the campaign by sitting in and not standing for bad housing.”

Goldie Lookin Chain said in a statement, “Everyone should have a safe and decent home. We are happy to support Shelter Cymru and Shelter and help thousands of children and families in Wales who are suffering in bad housing today.”