Goldie Lookin Chain joined onstage by ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star

You had to be there...

Goldie Lookin Chain continued the ShockWaves NME Awards Shows 2006 last night (February 15) at the Astoria – and were joined on stage by Maggot’s Big Brother housemate Rula Lenska.

Then she surprised the crowd by coming on stage for the finale ‘Your Mother’s Got A Penis’.

Band member Dwain Xain told the crowd: “He’s brought one of his friends along, so we’ve got royalty in the house tonight. Give it up for Rula Lenska”.


When asked if she was shocked about the content of the song, she told NME.COM: “I’ve done ‘The Vagina Monologues’ on the road, so nothing is exceptional.”

Asked about her former housemate’s performance she said: “What I loved was the raw committed energy. They played to the audience, not at the audience. I was amazed to see Maggot’s physicality because we didn’t see much of that in the house.”

They played:

‘Shit To Me’


‘Bad Boy Limp’


‘Half Man Half Machine’

‘Roller Disco’

‘The Maggot’

‘Guns Don’t Kill People Rappers Do’

‘Billy Webb’s Lament’

‘Your Missus Is A Nutter’

‘Short Term’


‘Another Shit Song’

’21 Ounces’


‘Your Mother Got A Penis’