All right, so all the shows are in their native Wales, but that's what they're calling it...

GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAIN have announced dates for their forthcoming ‘world tour’ of Wales.

The Welsh rap collective will play four dates through their home country, kicking off on June 22 at Bangor’s Hendree Hall.

GLC’s Eggsy said: “The tour is going to be the next phase in our experiment. Essentially what we want to do is recreate the carnage of the Vietnam conflict. Or spreading the intrigue created by the Maxwell House coffee adverts of the Eighties.”

He added: “Naturally, the venues chosen to begin this process are all based in Wales. Partly because we believe in giving our homeland the payback it deserves for supporting us so much, but mainly because Billy gets travel sick and none of us have actually got the toll to cross the Severn Bridge anyway.”

The dates are:

Bangor Hendree Hall (June 22)

Wrexham Central Station (23)

Pontypridd Muni Arts Centre (24)

Swansea Patti Pavilion (25)

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The band will also be appearing at several of this summer’s festivals. You’ll be able to catch them at:

Middlesborough Music Live, Victoria Gardens (May 31)

Coventry Godiva Festival (June 12)

Glastonbury Festival (27)

Dublin Oxygene festival (July 10)

Kinross T in the Park (11)

Bristol Ashton Court (17)

Carling Weekend: Reading festival (27)

Carling Weekend: Leeds festival (28)

Goldie Lookin’ Chain are set to release their debut album through eastwest records in August, preceded by a single in early July.