The rappers unleash their new promo…

Goldie Lookin Chain have taken NME.COM behind the scenes of their new video for forthcoming single, ’YOUR MISSUS IS A NUTTER’.

The clip sees the group battling space zombies, and playing twisted version of children’s board game ‘Operation’ all while wearing womens’ underwear on their heads.

Rapper 2 Hats told NME.COM: “The video’s got a bit of a space theme. Basically the world has evolved so far in the future that cigarettes and tobacco have run out so cannabis has evolved into global consciousness.”

He added: “There’s a (80’s comedy flick) ‘Weird Science’ element to it. I’d never worn a bra on my head until the day so that was a bit unusual. I’d worn one on my chest but not on my head. It’s quite liberating.”

‘Your Missus Is A Nutter’ is released on September 5 – is to be the first single to be lifted from the band’s second album entitled ‘The Best GLC Album Ever 2’.