No, we're not making this up...

A GOMEZ party attracted the attention of the countryside police last week after drunken revellers stole a tractor and dug up the grounds of a stately home near CIRENCESTER.

The band were having a celebratory drink at the Batsford Estate studio after finishing work on some demos for their next album before the incident occurred.

A spokesperson for Gomez explains: “On Saturday night, the band had just finished a session and they had a little party and a few local geezers came along.

“At 7.30am in the morning two uninvited guests took control of a four wheel motor-tractor and tore up the grounds they were arrested by the police. Nobody knew who they were, they weren’t the band’s friends. They were safely tucked up in bed.”

A spokesperson for Cheltenham police confirmed: “Two males were arrested. They were both from London and aged 29 and 33. The charges were thrown out.”

The next Gomez album will most likely be released next year.