Follow up to acclaimed 'Bring It On' will "surprise the fuck" out of us, band claim...

Gomez‘s next album is to be called ‘God’s Big Spaceship’.

Singer/guitarist IAN BALL told NME it would sample avalanches, contain sea shanties and speedcore death metal and sounded “Russian and very heavy”. Ball added, “It’s certainly going to surprise the fuck out of everybody.”

The LP will be the follow-up to this year’s acclaimed debut album ‘Bring It On’ and is due out sometime in 1999.


“You have to be in a boat to really understand how it sounds,” continued Ball. “There’s concertinas, organs. It sounds like it’s from some really cold part of Europe.”

Songs completed so far include ‘Bring It On’, ‘Hangover’, ‘Rosemary’, ‘Fill My Cup’, ‘Laura Lee’, ‘Spin The World Round’, ‘Blue Moon Rising’ and one with the working title ‘My Dad’s Arse’.

Ball said they were finishing recording at Abbey Road in London, and also at a mansion near Hastings, so they could “recreate the home-recorded sound of the first album, but in grander surroundings”.

You can read a full interview with Gomez in NME dated December 30, in the shops in two weeks. This week, in the bumper Xmas NME, on sale now, Gomez celebrate Christmas in, er, style.

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