New material 'mental' claim Gomez...

Gomez have recorded seven new tracks at Peter Gabriel‘s Real World Studios.

Titles include ‘Do’s And Don’ts’, ‘Touchin’ Up’ and ‘Machismo’. Gomez singer/guitarist Ian Ball recently told a US website that ‘Do’s And Don’ts’ was a slight departure for the band. He said: “It’s pretty mental, the likes of which we’ve never really done before.

“It’s really, really dark, and dubbed up and very, very strange. It sounds like a song Muddy Waters might have written about 40 years ago but played in a Leftfield style. But you can’t dance to it. You can fall over to it but you certainly can’t dance to it. It’s very, very odd.” Of ‘Machismo’ he said: “It’s a complete party classic, which we haven’t done in awhile. It will offset the doom of ‘Do’s And Don’ts’.”

A UK spokesman for the band confirmed the new songs had been recorded but couldn’t say when or even whether they would be released as a follow-up album to last year’s ‘Liquid Skin’.

Gomez are about to embark on a US tour before returning to the UK to play summer festivals.