B-sides of new single look set to outrage anti-drug lobby...

Gomez are set to incite a storm of media outrage with the B-side to their new single ‘Bring It On’, which expounds the delights of drug-taking.

The song, ‘Dire Tribe’, which comes out on June 28 through Hut, contains the lyric: “Feel much better on hashish or ephedrine/Feel much better when I’m smoking a lot/Feel much better on acid or mescaline”.

The Southern rock-tinged track, which also features references to taking and enjoying amyl nitrate, ketamine, amphetamine, Prozac, Viagra, methylated spirits, Windolene, paracetamol and codeine, is sure to attract criticism to the Mercury Music Prize winners, especially considering the tabloids’ ongoing crusade against banned substances.


The last time explicit references to controlled drugs entered the charts, Pulp were demonised in the tabloids. Their 1995 single ‘Sorted For E’s And Wizz’ featured instructions on how to make a drug ‘wrap’ on the cover and Jarvis Cocker was forced to withdraw the packaging and apologise. Oasis and The Shamen have also been singled out for their references to drug-taking.

Meanwhile, Gomez will play a benefit show for the Hillsborough Family Support Group at Liverpool L2 on June 23.

The band, who headline Glastonbury‘s second stage on June 25, have organised the gig themselves with the L2 club promoters.

Finally, Gomez have revealed yet another title for their forthcoming second album. After abandoning ‘God’s Big Spaceship’ and ‘Touching Up’, the band now claim the album will be called ‘Feed My Bongos’.

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The follow-up to last year’s debut ‘Bring It On’ is slated for a late August release on Hut. It is preceded by new single, ‘Bring It On’, on June 28.


Gomez will also play V99 at Staffordshire (August 21) and Chelmsford (22) as well as T In The Park at Kinross, Perthshire on July 10.

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