'Bring It On' - the single - arrives in June...

Gomez release a new single, ‘Bring It On’, on June 28 through Hut.

The single, named after their last LP, is taken from their forthcoming second album, due for release in late August probably with the title ‘God’s Big Spaceship’.

Available on two CDs, cassette and 12″ vinyl, the single contains four more new tracks, ‘Dire Tribe’, ‘M57’, ‘Chicken Bones’ and ‘Step Inside’.


Gomez have recorded 32 tracks for the follow-up to last year’s debut album and are now deciding which ones to include.

The album was recorded at studios around the country, including Abbey Road in London, a mansion in Hastings and at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios.

New tracks include

‘Hangover’ ‘Rosemary’ ‘Fill My Cup’ ‘Laura Lee’ ‘Spin The World Round’ ‘Blue Moon Rising’ ‘We Haven’t Turned Around’

Guitarist Ian Ball described the new album in a recent interview.

He said: “The album as a whole is up – it’s a party record. The general theme of it is how many different ways we can play the same song in four minutes – you can get utterly lost and totally confused with what’s going on. You can hear ideas fighting over each other to try and get out.”


He also revealed the band roped in friends to make the album.

“There’s one great bit where we do a live percussion take with 30 people and there wasn’t one orthodox piece of percussion in the entire room.

“I was personally in charge of kicking a box around the room, Olly (Peacock, drummer) was playing two fire extinguishers with a fork, my girlfriend was bashing a bass drum hat still in its wrapping against the wall and Blackie (Paul Blackburn, bassist) was repeatedly throwing a cymbal to the floor.”

Ball has previously told NME the album would contain concertinas, organs, death metal and sea shanties.

Gomez have recently returned from a victorious US tour, getting rave reviews for their live shows with one critic describing them as the UK’s answer to the Grateful Dead.

The band even cancelled some of their European shows so they could concentrate on their American fans.

They are due to return to the States later this year but will tour the UK nearer the new album’s release date.

Before then, Gomez headline the second stage at Glastonbury (June 25-27), play V99 at Staffordshire (August 21) and Chelmsford (22) and make an appearance at T In The Park at Kinross, Perthshire (July 10 & 11).

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