Good Shoes play surprise homecoming ‘guerrilla’ gig

Bank holiday gives way to bandstand festivities

Hordes of Good Shoes fans braved the wind and the rain yesterday (May 28) in order to catch the band play a surprise “guerrilla” gig in their home patch of Morden in south London.

Crowds took their place at Morden Park from midday onwards, where the four-piece tuned up their guitars and plugged in their amps before getting stuck into a 40-minute set at precisely 2pm.

The Good Shoes set was introduced as a “welcome to summer and the festival season”.


The band played an array of tracks including ’Ice Age’, ‘We Are Not The Same’ and ’Small Town Girl’.

Most popular song by far was hit single ‘Morden’, due for release on June 11, which was greeted by rapturous applause as fans threw their umbrellas into the air.

The set soon gave way to crowd surfing, as fans leapt onto the bandstand stage before hurling themselves into the crowds once again.

As the show came to a close, lead singer Rhys Jones copied by their example as he threw himself into the audience, followed closely by several other members of the band.