Google unveils AI-enhanced new $179 Pixel Buds headphones

With Bluetooth that spans the length of a football field

Google have revealed their latest competitor to the Apple Airpods, the ‘Pixel Buds’, as part of a raft of new technology announcements.

The headphones, worth a hefty $179 (roughly £140), are linked to Google Assistant and designed to reduce the amount of interaction you make with your phone, the company announced.


By saying “Hey Google,” a user can communicate with the service’s AI assistant, while the tech is to be available in four colours: Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint and Almost Black.

“Because everyone’s ears are shaped differently, we scanned thousands of ears to create a design that’s comfortable for as many people as possible,” the company said.

The headphones are able to detect when they’ve been placed in your ear, and can be operated with individual touch controls.

Pixel Buds

A single charge gives you five hours of battery life, while a wireless charging case can provide 24 hours of listening. They promise a Bluetooth range of three rooms in a house, or the length of a football field whilst outside.

Meanwhile, Google’s latest bunch of announcements also includes details of their much-anticipated entry into the games console market, Stadia.


The console will be released on November 19, and allows gamers to play releases like Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11 and more across multiple platforms.

Also announced was the company’s new, cheaper Pixel 4, a new Google Assistant, and a new Nest Mini speaker system.