Jamie Hewlett turns Monkey album in first film

Gorillaz man brings 'Monkey Bee' to life

Jamie Hewlett has created and directed a short film for ‘Monkey Bee’ – the single from his and Damon Albarn‘s album ‘Monkey: Journey To The West’.

The album is a spin-off off from the pair’s opera of the same name.

The new video is the first time the pair have collaborated in film, having created cartoon band Gorillaz together.

The new film is described as: “a mixture of Chinese 1970’s spaghetti western, meets Korean horror movie, meets the much beloved original ‘Monkey’ TV series”.

The clip was shot on 35mm film over three days in London, and stars members of the ‘Monkey: Journey To The West’ cast.

‘Monkey Bee’ premieres on YouTube today (October 28) and can be seen below, and will be shown on Channel 4 from 00.05am (GMT) tomorrow.