Behind the scenes Gorillaz documentary screened

Edinburgh Film Festival goes 'Bananaz'

Gorillaz documentary ‘Bananaz’ was shown last night (June 19) at the annual Edinburgh Film Festival.

The film which is expected to get a British cinematic release later this year, follows the cartoon group from its formation, though its first records and subsequent international success.

Directed by Ceri Levy, the producer of the Blur film ‘Star Shaped’, the documentary largely focuses on the partnership between Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, although everyone from De La Soul and Shaun Ryder through to Dennis Hopper and Ibrahim Ferrer make cameo appearances.

Levy’s film contains a wealth of revealing – and sometimes embarrassing – backstage moments, from early concept meetings between Albarn and Hewlett when Gorillaz were nothing more than a drunken, late night idea.

‘Bananaz’ concludes with the group’s five date sell out residence in Harlem, New York, whereupon the band have to battle a local Christian group, upset by some of the lyrics from the 2005 album ‘Demon Days’, and tackle Dennis Hopper’s stagefright.

Given full access to the band’s private behaviour, Levy’s camera captures Albarn vomiting before his first live performance in the US, a group discussion during which the Blur singer sits on the toilet and Hewlitt vents his anger about NME after an interview with his cartoon creations appears in our magazine. The film also includes several full live performances.

A full UK release for the film is yet to be confirmed.