Blur won’t make a new album until Coxon rejoins…

DAMON ALBARN has revealed he’s waiting for Graham Coxon return before BLUR make a new album.

Admitting that there’s nothing planned for his first band at the moment, Albarn told Billboard he’s keen to work with his former guitarist and friend again.

“I’m waiting for Graham Coxon to talk to me again,” said the Blur singer. “I’d love to see if we could make another record. I miss playing live in something that I grew up in. I do feel it’s a shame that we didn’t stick to it. Hopefully, we’ll play together soon. As musicians, we need to spread peace and love.”

However with [a][/a] currently completing a solo album and telling NME.COM earlier this year that a return to Blur was “not on the cards”, Albarn is concentrating on Gorillaz for now, announcing plans to tour the band’s second album ‘Demon Days’.

“It will all be done by silhouette,” he explained of the new live show. “It would be one (show) where the lights never come up, So, if Dennis Hopper (who features on the album) were to walk on stage, you would know it’s him by his voice alone – as well as his silhouette. It will be like those old cut out silhouette portraits everyone used to get.”

’Demon Days’ is released on May 23, with dates set to be announced soon.