Gorillaz plan world tour

The cartoon band will embark on a revolutionary trek in 2007…

GORILLAZ are planning to hit the road for a worldwide tour.

The cartoon band are set to break new technological ground by appearing on stage in 3D holographic format, although due to financial and creative technicalities, the trek will not take place until 2007.

A showcase event in which the group will perform a version of ’Feel Good Inc.’ will be held in London at the end of October.


Because of the nature of the shows, the tour could feature as residency runs at theatres while the jaunt moves across the globe.

It is still undecided whether the shows will feature live musicians or the pre-recorded material.

Capitol Music UK president Keith Wozencroft said that the plans could mark the start of a number of innovative developments for the band.

He told Music Week: “Gorillaz are a perfect band for the new age in that they fit with what’s happening in the digital world, and that’s what Damon (Albarn) and Jamie (Hewlett) had in mind when they began the project. We always believed there could be a move into games, films or a tour and this is the first example of us realising one of those possibilities.”

Wozencroft also revealed that there was talk of a film surrounding the release of the first Gorillaz album, but it took until the success of follow-up ’Demon Days’ to provide the financial and creative support.

Gorillaz have previously appeared ‘live’ at the 2002 Brit Awards in which the band were portrayed using five flat television screens.