Gorillaz announce world tour

The band will appear at twelve Habbo Hotels across the globe…

GORILLAZ have announced details of a global tour where fans will be able to meet members of the cartoon band.

The group will host special VIP visits in 12 countries at Habbo Hotel between August 22 and September 2.

Habbo Hotel is a virtual meeting place for internet users, where people create their own online character personas, explore the site and chat with others.


Gorillaz will have their own specially created Habbo characters for the sessions which will last an hour per country.

The band members, speaking through their animated personas, will be able to chat with fans and after the live event a private interview with a limited amount of lucky fans will take place in specially furnished guest rooms – decorated in honour of the group.

The UK leg of the event will take place on September 2.

For more information visit habbohotel.co.uk.

Gorillaz release their new single ’Dare’ on August 29.