The animated popsters will also supply the music for their big screen debut - but Damon's got a Blur album on the go as well...

GORILLAZ‘ second album will be started in the new year, and will be the soundtrack to the animated group’s debut movie.

Speaking about the follow-up to this year’s massively successful eponymous debut album, group animator Jamie Hewlett told Q magazine: “We’ll start working on a second Gorillaz album in the new year. There’s going to be a film as well. The second album will be the soundtrack. Blur will have to make their album between Gorillaz stuff.”

Blur are thought to be in the studio working on their new album. Gorillaz and Blur vocalist Damon Albarn said that his previous group have “got used” to the fact he is spending time working on Gorillaz also.

He said: “They’ve got used to it. They’ve got to get used to it. We’re recording the new Blur album now. It’ll be good. We wouldn’t put it out if it wasn’t.”

A UK spokesperson for Gorillaz told NME.COM both the new album, and a possible film project, had no set release dates other than next year.