But Dan 'The Automator' Nakanura hopes to be monkeying around with Damon Albarn again soon...

DAN ‘THE AUTOMATOR’ NAKANURA is working on a solo album – and has said that work on the new GORILLAZ record will start in autumn 2003.

Nakamura, who is part of Gorillaz with Damon Albarn, as well as having his own projects, plans to release the record in the spring.

He told MTV news that the record will feature a number of guest vocalists, but was unwilling to reveal who they are at this stage.

“It’s still formulating as far as the story line goes,” Nakamura said. “I’m looking at all the stuff as it comes in and seeing where it all fits together and I’m going to try and tie it up in some matter or another.”

Finally, he said that work on the hugely anticipated second Gorillaz record will begin in earnest after the release of the Blur album next year.

He concluded: “Damon is doing a Blur record and so we won’t get into it until he’s run his course with that.”