But US version of '19-2000' video must be re-edited...

GORILLAZ plan to release a collaboration with D12 via the Internet, and have been forced to re-edit the video for the US release of ’19-2000′ in the wake of September 11.

D12 and the animated collective, fronted by Damon Albarn’s voice, were also joined in the studio by The Specials founder Terry Hall to record the as-yet-untitled new song last month.

Speaking to MTV news, Albarn said the session took place shortly after September 11, which gave the track a new direction.

He said: “We had organised the collaboration beforehand, and [the terrorist attacks] added a different context, to say the least, to what we did together. We’re trying to work out how to put that track out on the Internet for everyone. It’s quite a political song, and it needs to be out there now.”

The next single in the UK will be ‘Rock The House’, released on October 22. However, in the US it will be ’19-2000′, a track already released in the UK with a video.

Gorillaz animator Jamie Hewlett said that the video would be re-edited for the US market.

He commented: “We had the video for ’19-2000′ done ages ago. It was going to be released in America in the next couple of weeks, but because of what happened on September 11, we’ve had to change loads of stuff that appears in the video. We’ve got explosions and missiles and stuff blowing up, and MTV can’t show stuff like that at the moment because it’s of a sensitive nature. So we have to re-animate half of our video. So ’19-2000′ will be slightly delayed.”