'Laika Come Home' is a dub version of their eponymous debut...

GORILLAZ are to release a dub version of their debut album.

‘Laika Come Home’ is released on June 24 and is an album of musical collaborations between the animated group and Space Monkeyz.

Space Monkeyz originally remixed Gorillaz‘ ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ for a B-side. However, the group liked it and asked them to produce their own version of the entire record.

The tracklisting runs:

‘Jungle Fresh’ (’19/2000′)

‘Strictly Rubbadub’ (‘Slow Country’)

‘Banana Baby’ (‘Tomorrow Comes Today’)

‘Monkey Racket’ (‘Man Research’)

‘De-Punked’ (‘Puck’)

‘P45’ (‘5/4’)

‘Dub 9’ (‘Starshine’)

‘Crooked Dub’ (‘Soundcheck’)

‘Mutant Genious’ (‘New Genuis’)

‘Come Again (‘Re-Hash’)

‘A Fistful Of Peanuts’ (‘Clint Eastwood’)

‘Lil’ Dub Chefin’’ (‘M1A1’)