The Blur frontman is known as 2-D in the hip-hop collective Gorillaz - and he looks a bit different...

Here’s BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN as you’ve never seen him before in his guise as 2-D – the singer on the forthcoming debut EP release from hip-hop collective GORILLAZ.

Gorillaz release ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ on November 27 through Parlophone. Albarn provides vocals on the EP, which is produced by Dan The Automator. Other musicians who featured as part of the Gorillaz project include Tom Tom Club and Del Tha Funky Homosapien.

The image of Albarn (right) is how he is seen in the video for the title track.


Speaking exclusively to NME.COM about the Gorillaz project, Albarn said: “Dan is a mate of mine and he’s made this record, this Gorillaz record, and I helped out a bit. It’s gonna come out and everyone can make up their own minds about it. It’s something I’ve been involved with and it’s a very different sort of band.”

The other members of Gorillaz describe 2-D as “a sweetheart with a blank sheet of paper where his mind should be…his black eyes and vacant stare make people think he’s cool and enigmatic, but he’s just got a migraine”.

The full tracklisting for the EP is: ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’, ‘Rock The House’, ?Latin Simone’ and ’12D3′.

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