De La Soul and Snoop Dogg will guest on the new Gorillaz album

De La Soul say Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's album is sounding ‘amazing’

De La Soul have announced that they and Snoop Dogg will feature on the new Gorillaz album.

The two acts will feature on Gorillaz’ first album since ‘Plastic Beach’ in 2010.

Damon Albarn guests on De La Soul’s new album ‘And The Anonymous Nobody…’, and rapper Pos told The Guardian that they and Snoop Dogg then recorded contributions to Albarn’s Gorillaz record.

Speaking about Albarn’s contribution to De La Soul’s album, Pos said: “Collaborations come when we feel we’ve got something that would be a great match for an artist. With Damon, it was easy because we love working with him. We’re about to be on the new Gorillaz album.”

De La Soul previously featured on Gorillaz hit ‘Feel Good Inc’ and ‘Superfast Jellyfish’. Snoop Dogg guested on ‘Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach’.

Pos added: “Snoop was also performing on the record when we were over there. He pulled us to one side and said ‘Hey man, we never performed together. Can we get this going?’”

It’s previously been revealed that the album is unlikely to be released until 2017. Vic Mensa, Jean Michel Jarre and Liam Bailey are the only confirmed guests for the album, revealed in videos posted by Jamie Hewlett and drummer Remi Kabaka. Bailey said Massive Attack would also feature, in a since-deleted tweet.

Pos said: “We actually sat down two weeks ago with Damon, and he played us some of the new album. It sounds amazing. He played us a song he wants us to get off to on the album, so we got in the studio and put that down.”

Since ‘Plastic Beach’, Albarn has released low-key lo-fi Gorillaz album ‘The Fall’, solo album ‘Everyday Robots’ and Blur album ‘The Magic Whip’.