Gorillaz ‘drummer’ Russel Hobbs gives rare interview about new album

'What is coming will come, whether you expect it or not'

Ahead of the anticipated release of their new album, Gorillaz ‘drummer’ Russel Hobbs has given a rare interview.

Activity from the Gorillaz camp seems to be gathering momentum. one fan took to Reddit to share that they’d met Damon Albarn who informed him that the new Gorillaz album would be finished in two weeks. Meanwhile, the band have also been teasing their return with ‘books’ telling the story of each member since last album ‘The Plastic Beach’ – so far revealing the tales of Noodle and Russel.

Now, a fictional cartoon he may be, but Russel’s new interview Puss Puss magazine is colourful, illuminating, and very entertaining. When pushed for information on the next album, he replied: “You can expect whatever you like. What is coming will come, whether you expect it or not.”


“What’s important isn’t what’s happening next, but what’s happening right now. That’s all you can control. And listen, me and Gorillaz – that’s two separate things. Our paths entwine, then separate – like a messed-up pretzel.”

Meanwhile, he also revealed his three favourite rappers: “That’s like trying to pick my top three funny cat videos. Just not possible. Let’s lose the hierarchy, there’s enough of it out there already. But I’ll give you three, in no order… If we’re talking BK, I’ve got to say Biggie. Who else? Then I’d pick MF Doom. Underground legend. Born over here but spent most of his life stateside, the opposite of my deal. And for someone new, check out that kid Earl Sweatshirt. Great name, fresh sound.”

And of course, his favourite cats: “I love cats. They’re always the first to spot ghosts in horror movies. I should get one actually. I’m a big fan of the Devon Rex. It’s got these big eyes and pointy ears and looks a lot like an alien. And we all feel like aliens, don’t we.”

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Today, Gorillaz also shared a new film they made with Jaguar unveiling Noodle as the new ‘face’ of the car brand
The band’s fifth album and first since 2011’s ‘The Fall’ was originally due for release this year, but now looks set to drop net year after animator Jamie Hewlett said it was “really fuckin’ special” and “can’t be rushed”.

Back in July, Damon Albarn said: “Later in the year we’ll be starting to get the whole Gorillaz thing together. I’m loving it and it’s getting there. It should be ready fairly soon.”

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