Damon Albarn sitting on two Gorillaz ‘Plastic Beach’ sequel albums

'There is part two and three' says frontman

Damon Albarn has said that he has enough new Gorillaz material from the recent ‘Plastic Beach’ album sessions for two sequels to the record.

The frontman told Spinnermusic.co.uk that he recorded around 80 songs for the LP, although whether more would see the light of day depended on his own motivation.

“I recorded an awful lot of music for this record, about 80 pieces of music in total,” he explained. “So, theoretically there is a part two and part three of ‘Plastic Beach’ if we ever felt motivated to spend another few years finishing it.”

He added: “But because it’s so eclectic, it takes a long time to actually get a picture because we don’t start with a picture or an idea. We start with a very loose idea of ‘Plastic Beach’, which, you know, probably means something different to me than it does to Jamie [Hewlett], but we evolve.”

Gorillaz recently headlined the Coachella festival in Los Angeles and play the first of two shows at the London Roundhouse venue tonight (April 29).