Damon Albarn slags off Simon Cowell – video

Gorillaz and Blur man jokes about Cowell's trousers

Damon Albarn has laid into Simon Cowell, saying he thinks he deserves to hear better music than the acts the X Factor man is associated with.

In a video interview with MTV News which you can watch by scrolling down now, the Gorillaz and Blur man said of Cowell: “I really don’t want to share his imagination.”

Albarn added: “He’s endlessly looking at a rubber duck just floating from one side [of a pool] to the other, pulling his trousers up a little bit more, someone bringing him a drink, and then it goes back again. That’s his kind of imagination, and I feel I deserve a little bit more than that. So all the music that comes out of that entire culture, that’s what I think of it.”

Watch the video interview below.