Gorillaz ‘frontman’ Murdoc starts tweeting about new album

Cartoon creation tells the world about record in 140 characters

Gorillaz are currently mixing their new album, their ‘frontman’ Murdoc Nuccals has revealed via Twitter.

Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn‘s cartoon creations are set to release their third album ‘Plastic Beach’ in March, and according to the group’s ‘spiritual leader’, the record is nearing completion.

“Urrp!! Just finished mixing new Gorillaz track with er….‘My ARSE’!. Sounds pretty good…Can’t wait to play it,” Murdoc wrote on Twitter.com/MurdocGorillaz, adding that he was planning to use the mircoblogging site to announce his return to the world.

“Oh yeah, Gorillaz fans. I’m far, far, far away. On a big piece of plastic floating in the middle of nowhere. Just so you know,” he explained. “Album almost finished. Drinks being mastered. Isolation kicking in. Bucket of Propofol to help me sleep. Happy 2010!!”

The group’s frontman has also sent posts, hinting that Gorillaz may begin to preview some of their new songs ahead of the album’s release, declaring that he had bought a transmitter.

“Anyone know how to work a radio studio?” he asked his followers. “I put the records into the microphone, but can’t get them to go down the cable. Won’t work.”

See Twitter.com/MurdocGorillaz for the latest update.