New Gorillaz album not likely until 2010

Manager says Damon Albarn has a 'plethora of tracks' though

Damon Albarn has enough material for two new Gorillaz albums – but his manager has warned fans not to expect a new release until next year.

The prolific musician is keeping busy with his animated hip-hop project alongside this year’s Blur reunion.

But his manager Chris Morrison told BBC 6Music that it isn’t yet clear when or how they would be released. “He’s got a plethora of tracks at the moment,” he said. “Whether they all make the light of day or get refined and come down to a normal amount you get on a record of ten to 15 tracks, I can’t tell at this point in time. It’s far too early in the stage of what we are doing.”

Morrison said that he did not want to rush Albarn with the creative process. “It’ll come round when it’s ready and when it’s been finished and when he’s happy with what he’s done,” he said. “There is no point putting art around schedules, you put schedules round art and what you need first of all is Damon‘s music.

“The plan for the new Gorillaz album is we’ll wait until Damon‘s finished recording it. The thing is, it’s formulating at the moment and it’s going to be out in about a year’s time, I hope. I’m probably pre-empting something I’ll get shouted at for.”

Gorillaz‘ last album, ‘Demon Days’, was released in May 2005.