Damon Albarn enlists The Horrors for new Gorillaz album

Plus Albarn has mixed a Horrors song

Damon Albarn has enlisted The Horrors to work on a song for the forthcoming new Gorillaz album, it has been revealed.

The Blur frontman got in touch with the black-clad London band and invited them to work in his studio, 13, Horrors bassist Rhys Webb told BBC 6music.

Webb explained how Albarn got in touch by emailing them after hearing their second album, ‘Primary Colours’, which was released earlier this year.


“It was kind of a strange email saying, ‘Would you guys be able to come down to my studio at some point?’,” he explained.

He added: “We had no idea really what it was about but thought that would be great to go down there, have a chat, it would be nice to meet him.

“We went down to the studio and he said, ‘We’re working on the new album and we’ve not collaborated with a guitar band before and your album is one of the most exciting things I’ve heard in a long time. Would you be up for working on a track?’.

“They [Albarn and Gorrilaz partner Jamie Hewlett] have always been diverse and experimental and I think as a band moving forwards, that’s very much they way we approach music.”

Webb also revealed that Albarn mixed a version of their song ‘Whole New Way’, which is set for future release as a single. The third Gorillaz album is expected to be released next year.