Watch Gorillaz fan join band onstage while ‘tripping balls’

Fan joined band for a rendition of 'Clint Eastwood'

Last night (April 25) saw Gorillaz play an intimate Brooklyn gig at Rough Trade NYC during which they invited a fan that was “tripping balls” onto the stage.

Stereogum reports that Damon Albarn and co performed their new album ‘Humanz’ in full at the show and ended their encore with a rendition of classic hit ‘Clint Eastwood’.

Before performing their final song, Albarn asked if an audience member would step in and rap Del The Funky Homosapien’s verse. However, the fan that volunteered soon asked Albarn onstage: “What should I do? I’m tripping balls right now.”


After being told by Albarn to just “hang out”, the fan then proceeded to mime along to the backing track whilst wearing sunglasses. Watch in the footage below.

It has also been reported that Albarn smoked a joint with audience members at the gig.

Watch footage from the rest of the show beneath:

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Earlier today it was reported that Albarn nearly played on Noel Gallagher’s new album

Albarn and Gallagher have also shared their views on how Liam Gallagher will respond to their Gorillaz collaboration.

The two former Britpop rivals worked together on ‘We Got The Power’, which appears on Gorillaz’s upcoming album ‘Humanz’ and also features Savages singer Jehnny Beth. Albarn has recently described the track as a “victory lap” and “the ultimate self-congratulatory Britpop moment”.

Discussing the collaboration with Vulture, Albarn recalled: “In a sort of lighthearted way, I’d promised Noel he could be on this record. He was always like, ‘I want to be on the next Gorillaz record,’ and I was like, ‘Sure.’ I thought it might be cute, the idea of us singing about the power to love each other.”

Albarn added: “Of course, no one’s asked Liam what he thinks about the song yet. No doubt he’d have a fantastic one-liner about what a bunch of fucking knobheads we are.”

When it was pointed out to Albarn that Liam Gallagher had praised the last Blur album, Albarn replied: “Yeah, but ‘The Magic Whip’ didn’t have his brother and I singing about loving each other.”

Gorillaz’s new album ‘Humanz’ comes out on Friday (April 28).

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