Gorillaz joined by Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Savages’ Jehnny Beth and more on stage at The Meadows

Damon Albarn and the band closed day two of the New York festival with a host of special guests

Gorillaz were joined on stage by Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def), Jehnny Beth and a number of other special guests as they brought the second day of The Meadows to a close.

The New York festival took place at Citi Fields in Queens and featured performances from the likes of Future, LL Cool J, Erykah Badu and more.

Damon Albarn’s group were the final band to perform on The Meadows stage, and opened their set with ‘M1 A1’. The band leader was largely rooted to the spot behind his microphone until midway through the 90-minute performance, when he announced: “Let’s take things up a bit.”


Pusha T was the first artist to make a guest appearance, coming on stage for ‘Let Me Out’, which featured on this year’s Gorillaz album, ‘Humanz‘. The Pharcyde’s Bootie Brown then took over for ‘Dirty Harry’, while Peven Everett then appeared to perform ‘Strobelite’.

D.R.A.M. made two cameos during the set, appearing first for ‘Andromeda’ and later returning to join Savages‘ Jehnny Beth on ‘We Got The Power’. Islington rapper Little Simz also joined the raft of guest stars, performing b-side ‘Garage Palace’, as did De La Soul, who pitched in for ‘Feel Good Inc.’.

Ahead of the final song of the main set – ‘We’ve Got The Power’ – Albarn revealed an unusual technical difficulty to the crowd. “I’ve got this bell that was cast in a 16th century bell foundry in Whitechapel,” he explained. “It’s the same foundry that made the bell in Bow that means you’re a cockney, so it’s very special to me. I’ve just been told it’s been cracked. We’ve got our very own Liberty Bell, people.”

After a short break, Gorillaz returned to the stage to perform two more songs. Walking to the front of the platform, Albarn poured some of his drink onto the floor in memory of Bobby Womack, who appeared on ‘Stylo’. As the band began to play the track, Yasiin Bey suddenly appeared on stage with the group and Peven Everett, provoking huge cheers from the unsuspecting audience.


“I’ve had a very special night with you,” Albarn told the crowd ahead of the night’s final song, ‘Clint Eastwood’.

Gorillaz played:

‘M1 A1’
‘Last Living Souls’
‘Saturnz Barz’
‘Tomorrow Comes Today’
‘Rhinestone Eyes’
‘Sleeping Powder’
‘On Melancholy Hill’
‘Busted And Blue’
‘El Mañana’
‘Let Me Out’ (with Pusha T)
‘Dirty Harry’ (with Bootie Brown)
‘Strobelite’ (with Peven Everett)
‘Andromeda’ (with D.R.A.M.)
‘Sex Murder Party’ (with Jamie Principle)
‘Garage Palace’ (with Little Simz)
‘Feel Good Inc.’ (with De La Soul)
‘We Got The Power’ (with Jehnny Beth and D.R.A.M.)
‘Stylo’ (with Mos Def and Peven Everett)
‘Clint Eastwood’ (with Del The Funky Homosapien)

The Meadows continues tomorrow (September 17) with performances from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nas, Sleigh Bells, CRX and more.