Gorillaz may not tour again for another 10 years

"We’re going to have to even it out"

Fans may have to wait a decade before they can see Gorillaz play live again.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, frontman Damon Albarn said the band would “even out” their output and take a break from the road.

Gorillaz released ‘Humanz’ in April 2017 and ‘The Now Now’ in June 2018.


When asked how quickly the Gorillaz will return after their current tour ends, Albarn replied: “Well, we’re going to have to even it out. Since there wasn’t much time between these recent two records it’s probably going to be another 10 years.”

The Britpop legend added that a full-blown hologram tour featuring the cartoon members of the Gorillaz is “something we’ve been trying to do since day one.”

“We still haven’t found a system that doesn’t compromise the music,” he said. “That’s the dream — to be able to play onstage with holograms. I just hope I’m a functioning organism when it happens.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Albarn spoke of trying to secure Grace Jones for one of the live shows.

He said: “We’ve got close on a couple of occasions, but still to this day we’ve been unsuccessful.”


In August, Albarn revealed that he has another Gorillaz record in the works. “[B]ut I know I’m not gonna be allowed to even think about recording or putting it out this year,” he said in a new interview with the Austrian radio station Radio FM4.

He’s also releasing a new album this year with The Good, The Bad & The Queen, a supergroup completed by The Clash’s Paul Simonon, The Verve’s Simon Tong and afrobeat drummer Tony Allen.

The release will be the first follow up to the band’s 2007 self-titled debut.

Gorillaz wrap up their current tour at Sports Palace / Palacio De Los Deportes in Mexico City on October 24.

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