Gorillaz’s Murdoc talks Brexit and his love for Ringo Starr in new ‘interview’

Band expected to release 'The Fall' follow-up shortly

Gorillaz bassist Murdoc has conducted a rare interview.

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s cartoon band are expected to release their fifth album shortly. Their first record since 2011’s ‘The Fall’ was originally due for release this year, but now looks set to drop next year after animator Hewlett said it was “really fuckin’ special” and “can’t be rushed”.

A new profile and interview published by Noisey reveals that since their last record, Murdoc has been stranded on Plastic Beach, “surviving, just about, with nobody but the cyborg version of Noodle for company”. After the island was besieged by pirates, Murdoc was rescued by major label EMI only to be imprisoned beneath Abbey Road.

After committing to release another Gorillaz album, Murdoc has spoken to Noisey about Brexit and his love for Ringo Starr. Asked about the EU referendum, he says: “Why would I leave somewhere so great? Did you know Lithuania ranked number one in the world for internet upload and download speeds? Imagine what you could stream with that.”

Asked who is the greatest living musician, he replies: “Me. But credit where it’s due, for sheer versatility and staying power, I’d have to give a nod to Ringo Starr. While everyone else was coked out of their minds in the eighties, he did his career’s finest work on Thomas the Tank Engine.”

Read the full interview here.


Previously, Gorillaz drummer Russel Hobbs gave a rare interview about the band’s new album.

When pushed for information on the next album, Hobbs replied: “You can expect whatever you like. What is coming will come, whether you expect it or not.”

“What’s important isn’t what’s happening next, but what’s happening right now. That’s all you can control. And listen, me and Gorillaz – that’s two separate things. Our paths entwine, then separate – like a messed-up pretzel.”