You can star in Gorillaz’s next music video

Band have issued a casting call for fans to take part in an upcoming video shoot

Gorillaz have called on fans to star in their next music video.

In a casting call posted by their label Parlophone, the band have offered the chance to feature in an upcoming shoot.

The video shoot would take place at a London location next Thursday (June 8), lasting from 9am to 8pm.

Fans – who must be 18 and over – can apply by emailing Find more information here.

The Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett-led band released their new record ‘Humanz’ in April. They recently revealed that they’re already talking about its follow-up.

Speaking in an interview with Channel 4, Albarn discussed the long stretches between each album, saying: “It’s served us well having these big gaps [between albums] because, in the interim, the technology does move forward. And the whole thing about Gorillaz is that cutting edge between music and technology. That’s driven the whole thing and made it different.”

Hewlitt, however, went on to add that they already have an “idea” for their next record. He said: “There has to be a gap between the albums because they’re quite exhausting. They take a lot of work. But we’re already talking about the next album, so there might not be a gap this time… It starts with one idea. Like, there’s a conversation one night, you have one idea a sentence, and that is the basis for a whole album. And then we never talk again until it’s finished. And we had that one idea again the other night. So we have to get started on the next one. Not today, maybe tomorrow.”

“It’s so ahead of its time, you wouldn’t be able to understand it,” Albarn then joked when asked what the idea for the next album was.