Gorillaz confirm another new album is coming in 2018

"There's ideas for a few more albums"

Gorillaz‘s Jamie Hewlett has confirmed that the band will release another new record next year.

The Damon Albarn-led band released their fifth album ‘Humanz’ in April, their first record in six years. They then dropped a bonus track called ‘Garage Palace’ in October.

Following suggestions that they would release a second new LP shortly, visual artist Hewlett has now stated that that record will be released in 2018.


“We’re working on another Gorilllaz album that we’re going to be releasing next year,” he said in a new interview with TASCHEN editor Julius Wiedemann on the TASCHEN Podcast.

“So we’re going straight into the album with no break. Usually we have a good five-year break between each album but we decided: ‘You know what? Let’s keep going’ because there’s ideas for a few more albums so we’re going to go straight into that. That’s will be all of next year and probably the year beyond that.”

“By the end of 2019, we’re probably gonna say, ‘Let’s have a little break’. Or we’re gonna say, ‘Let’s keep going’,” Hewlett added.

“I’m inventing a new [visual] style for the next album, so that in itself is exciting for me, because you say, ‘Alright, I’ve done that. How do I do it next time and how do I make it different?”.

Listen to Hewlett’s comments at the 10:20 mark in the interview below:



It wouldn’t be the first time Gorillaz have released two albums in quick succession. They released fourth LP ‘The Fall’ less than a year after its predecessor ‘Plastic Beach’.

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