Gorillaz guitarist Noodle’s advice to women: ‘Believe in yourself, learn jujutsu’

Cartoon band look to be gearing up to new album release

Gorillaz‘s fictional guitarist Noodle has given a new interview in which she offers advice to women.

Yesterday it was reported that Noodle had set up a now-deleted page on the dating website OK Cupid. Fans are debating whether the site was deleted because it was a fake, or if because OK Cupid deemed it unacceptable as Noodle is not a real person. NME has contacted Gorillaz representatives for a response.

Now Noodle has spoken to Japan’s Numero about what advice she has for fellow women. “My advice is to believe in yourself,” she says, translated from Japanese. “Try different things to grow more powerful, don’t ever feel small. Even if you really are small (by volume). If someone tries to knock you, I suggest you learn jujutsu.”


She adds: “My motto is ‘Nothing venture, nothing gained’. That sounds better in Japanese than in English. Although, I do not want to catch tiger cubs… well, maybe we can just play. That is the point of the adage ‘No risk, no success’ – I am never afraid to try. What is indispensable? Air and water, steaming hot soba soup, magic, music, love and creativity.”

On what Gorillaz have been up to recently, Noodle says: “We are alive. Some people think that if you are not recording or being creative, you aren’t alive; but you can’t just live in a studio. Only the real world’s troubles give you things to express. All art is like this; The Gorillaz have a good trait – it is easy for us to find trouble.”

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s animated band made their online return in September month across their social media accounts. They have since shared a series of online “stories” helping fans to catch up with the band members, as well as giving several interviews.

There has been speculation that the band could be teasing new music coming either 12 November or on 11 December.

However, fans are still waiting for concrete news regarding the band’s new album. Their first album since 2011’s ‘The Fall’ was originally due for release this year, but now looks set to drop next year after animator Hewlett said it was “really fuckin’ special” and “can’t be rushed”.


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