Gorillaz share new story from ‘The Book of 2D’

It's the final of four stories detailing the band members' activities

Gorillaz have shared a new digital story from ‘The Book of 2D’ – the final of four stories detailing the band members’ activities since leaving the fictional island Plastic Beach.

The animated band made their online return last month across their social media accounts. They have since shared three online stories: ‘The Book Of Noodle,’ ‘The Book Of Russel’ and last week’s ‘The Book of Murdoc’.

The band have now released ‘The Book of 2D’ showcasing a twelve-page the gap year adventure of the band’s frontman. You can read it below.

The Damon Albarn-led project are tipped to release new music very soon, with numerous clues about new material dropping in the past year. Most recently, the band’s drummer Russel gave a rare interview in which he cryptically stated that “what is coming will come, whether you expect it or not”.

Albarn has remained tight-lipped about the specific sound of the album but in an interview with Rolling Stone, he suggested it could take a detour from the piano-led ballads on his debut solo album ‘Everyday Robots’.

“I’m in the very early days on a new Gorillaz record. So far, it’s really fast, and it’s got quite a lot of energy. I’ve been stuck on piano, somewhere off Broadway, for years now. I want to go somewhere completely opposite of that.”

Albarn elaborated on this in an interview with Canadian site Exclaim, stating; “I’m determined that my next record will be very upbeat, and I will try to set myself the benchmark of 125 bpm and nothing underneath that.”

The band’s fifth album and first since 2011’s ‘The Fall’ was originally due for release this year. However, it now looks set to drop next year after animator Jamie Hewlett said it was “really fucking special” and “can’t be rushed”.